Friday, March 09, 2007

RR 106 volume 3 of 3 @7-22

Mr. Hubert: Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to
have an image in your head. I want you to have an image of
someone taking the money out of the collection plate at church
because they think they need it. because that's exactly what
happened here. The question is did she knowingly check the
"no" box eight times and did she do it to get more money? Did
she do it intentionally? If she did, she's guilty. Okay.
Now, Ladies and gentlemen, first judge the demeanor of the
witnesses. What were the State's witnesses like? They got up.
They tried to answer the questions as truthfully as possible
because you know what? They have no reason to lie. It doesn't
matter. They don't get a raise if they get this case. They
don't get fired if they get this case. They get up
there. They tell What happened. What about the Defense
witnesses? Well , let's see. There was evasive statements. I
would ask a question. They would answer a different question.

Lahaley:( how is that?)"not the right answer?"

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