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"I need to bring on one more attorney to make sure the cases get heard in a timely manner and to reduce the backlog of cases for me and everybody ....


Like who? Hubert is a wannabe fine print fuck you over because you did not read the part where it states "you will owe him your first born child" and that "if you purchase a brand new car and you drive it off the lot and it blows up, that you are still going to have to pay for it."


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Historic Appointment

Kleberg, Kenedy get their own DA

Gov. Perry gives Hubert the appointment

Georgia Wingate Thompson, The Kingsville Journal

One of Kleberg County's founding families, the Huberts, already have their names written in area history books and another chapter has been added with the appointment of local attorney John T. Hubert as the first district attorney of Kleberg and Kenedy counties.

Pursuant to Senate Bill 1951 of the 80th Legislature, which created a district attorney's office for both counties, Gov. Rick Perry gave the nod to Hubert as first district attorney of Kleberg and Kenedy counties, to serve a term until the next general election. Other applicants for the job included Kleberg County Attorney Alfred Isassi and deputy district attorney Ida Trevino.

Carlos Valdez has served as district attorney for not only Nueces County but also Kleberg and Kenedy counties since being elected in 1992. Hubert said Valdez has a vested interest in Kleberg and Kenedy counties, the Kingsville community and will continue to be helpful.

According to a memo from the office of Local Government Assistance and Economic Development Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, the state will provide $33,630 for the new office's expenses and an annual travel allowance of $3,500. The annual salary and benefits for the district attorney is $125,000 and $19,684 respectively.

Hubert was sworn-in during a small private ceremony in Austin last Sept. 1 by a Texas Supreme Court Justice. He immediately started to work by going to the office Sunday and said he considers the job to be full-time and after hours, too.

"I'm totally focused on this job and wanted to start off on a good and positive note and understand how things work," said Hubert. "There are a lot of good things in the office that don't need changed."

But this also means that Hubert will be taken away from his young family, Ezekiel, 4, and Isabel, 23-months, and wife, Amy. Hubert says he can work around that situation.

"Well, I'll just have to get up earlier and fix breakfast for the kids because I like to do that," Hubert said. "I don't do it every day, but I do like to do it."

I thought he worked in CC? No, he don't have a JOB in Iraq, never did.

As every GI I know, automatically wakes up early and would never say something as stupid as
"Well, I'll just have to get up earlier and fix breakfast for the kids because I like to do that," Hubert said. "I don't do it every day, but I do like to do it."

He and his are nothing but racist haters who convict who hegemony Hitler complex brethren agree.

Numerous family members, friends, law enforcement officers, community leaders, elected officials and friends attended Hubert's swearing in ceremony Thursday afternoon by 105th District Judge Manuel Banales.

Banales told the crowd that it was a great day for Kleberg and Kenedy counties and that both counties are fortunate to have someone like John Hubert.

"This first D.A. for both counties is by the will of the people and cooperation of the legislature and governor that we have a competent and able D.A.," Banales said.

Offering his remarks., Kleberg County Judge Pete De La Garza said the appointment of a D.A. was long overdue.

"It's been a long road and we've come a long way," said De La Garza. "My only regret is that your dad is not here today. He would be so proud of you."

Hubert's father, Dr. Pat Hubert, D.V.M., died suddenly Dec. 2, 2006.

When I grow up

I want to be…

Growing up in the southern part of Kleberg County, one of the late Dr. Pat and Goldia's nine children, Hubert said he didn't have political aspirations, but rather thought he'd like be a police officer, soldier or a priest. He does work in law enforcement and did become a soldier.

In the Army, Hubert led a tank platoon into combat in the First Gulf War, Desert Storm. Most recently he served in Iraq as a Civil Affairs Team Leader. As a major in the United States Army Reserves, Hubert currently serves as the Commander of HHC 451st Civil Affairs Battalion in Pasadena, Texas. Hubert recently worked as a solo practitioner in Kingsville and as an associate with Hornblower, Manning, Ward, Harrison, Vencia and Rodriguez P.C. in Corpus Christi, where he was licensed to practice in the Texas Southern, Eastern and Northern Federal District Courts.

He formerly served as an assistant district attorney of Nueces County from 1999 to 2000. In 2000 he was transferred to Kingsville upon his request and worked as an assistant district attorney and eventually the managing assistant district attorney of Kleberg and Kenedy counties until 2004.

Elected officials enthused

over the appointment

In being appointed as the county's first district attorney Hubert is well aware that he's making history and plans to do the job right.

"This is the first time these counties (Kleberg and Kenedy) have had a district attorney of their own and we can now create a more responsible legal system," Hubert said. "It enables the district attorney to work closer with law enforcement than ever before and I'm looking forward to working with these guys."

Kleberg County Judge Pete De La Garza said he thought Hubert would do an excellent job and said he, along with State Sen. Eddie Lucio, had been in favor of Hubert's appointment by the governor.

"I think his appointment was the wise thing to do," De La Garza said. "I supported him all the way and Sen. Eddie Lucio was also instrumental in his appointment."

Kleberg County's top law enforcement official, Sheriff Ed Mata, was enthusiastic over the prospect of working closely with Hubert in helping solve the local jail's overcrowding problems.

"I love the man!" Mata said. "He knows the situation at the jail and I think that together we can work together to reduce inmate population and use this facility as it was intended."

Mata said he called and wished Hubert well and sent him a prayer. For his part, Hubert says that he is just one member of the law enforcement family and is looking forward to working with area officers.

"These guys are extremely dedicated," Hubert said. "If you go to Corpus Christi they are doing the same job for more money, but our guys do it for less because they live here, love their neighborhoods and want their kids to grow up here. They are willing to do what is best for the community."

Future plans

Hubert says he is excited about the opportunity to work and make a difference in the community where he grew up and is focused on the challenges of setting up a new office, and he hopes to work with other law enforcement to make the community a safer place.

"Right now I'll be working with less attorneys than before," Hubert said. "I need to bring on one more attorney to make sure the cases get heard in a timely manner and to reduce the backlog of cases for me and everybody else."

That is why he is a waste.......he is not going to risk anything.... "one more attorney to make sure the cases get heard"

Lord knows he is a backlog of malicious prosecuting, abuse of offics and worst of all violating his JOB as a human being bearing false witness against his neighbor. But in order to see that .....ask the local A&I recruiters.

Hubert has high praise for the office's talented secretaries, who, he said, allow the attorneys to do their jobs.

"We are also trying to approach the office in a regional manner by talking with other attorneys to help us with the backlog," Hubert said.

As far as a political future Hubert says he will definitely run for district attorney when it is on the ballot.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I could see doing this job forever," Hubert said. "I am happy, proud and honored to be chosen to represent the State of Texas."

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